Create a bright and colorful Fiber Rainbow Wall Hanging to cheer up any space! Kit includes pre-cut/wired cotton rope, 5 bundles of yarn, and mini pom poms. Simply wrap yarn from one end to the next (adhering to each end), and hot glue bands of rainbow together. Add row of mini pom poms to top of rainbow, if desired. Finished product measures 12" x 12". Instructions are included.


Select from four colorways: Little Sunshine (pictured - dark pink, hot pink, yellow, orange, soft pink); Boho Blush (blush, pink, soft plum, golden, oatmeal); Rainbow Bright (hot pink, orange, yellow, lime green, aqua blue); and Spring Pastel (soft pink, yellow, mint green, aqua blue, lavender).


You will need: hot glue

Recommended ages: 7+UP

Fiber Rainbow Wall Hanging Kit